1. Meeting

We sit down with each one of our potential customers to discuss what they are looking for and what we can provide for them. We go through the list of needs and wants to ensure each customer will be getting exactly what they have been dreaming of no matter the application.

If you are looking for a new home we will discuss the size of the home, the desired style (modern vs. traditional), how many bedrooms and bathrooms are required, if you would like a basement or crawl space, and what window size you are envisioning.

We have over 40 years of experience and are well equipped to lead you through the decisions that will need to be made for your new home or commercial building.

2. Details

We are general contractors and look after every detail of the build; from breaking ground to the finishing touches. We are happy to keep all of our customers as involved in the process as they would like and are able to provide expert advice along the way.

We will put together an estimate for you to determine the cost before the build begins. We take care of the building permits, and insurance to ensure you have a stress free building experience. We also contact all of the sub trades that will be required (concrete, electrician, plumber etc.).

3. Plans

We have an in-house drafter who will work with you to design your new dream home or commercial building. All of our homes are custom to meet your needs. We will incorporate all of the details discussed in our initial meeting.

4. Construction

We work to provide energy efficient homes, commercial buildings or renovations in a timely manner and work together with you to make every project an enjoyable experience.